Our Story

We'd like to take a moment to reflect on how far we've come. This history of Brodard restaurants has all the elements of an inspiring novel that showcases the courage and the triumph of the human spirit. The story begins with our elegant heroine, Diane Dang, whose family are third-generation owners of a popular French bakery, Hoa Binh, in the beautiful coastal town of Nha Trang, Vietnam. After she and her husband, Thuong, immigrated to America with their three children in 1986, her husband opened a bakery. Diane was content to be in her husband's shadow, supporting him while caring for the children. But the family dynamic forever changed in October 1996, when her husband suddenly suffered a stroke and was paralyzed. Diane had to take charge of the business and relied on the things she knew best from her youth: her mother's delicious home-cooked meals and refined parties where family and friends gathered to celebrate with incredible dishes from her family's recipes.

Today at Brodard restaurant, Diane has recreated the treasured Vietnamese dishes in the same style and sensibilities, using only the freshest seasonal ingredients from the local markets. Diane graciously welcomes guests at Brodard restaurant as if they were old friends stopping ber her palatial home to enjoy the flavorful cuisine from her childhood.